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Filigree’s range of necklaces are all handmade onsite at our Montreal Street store and feature one off pieces designed by Vanessa Stowers.

N168 - Cabochon clear quartz drop w 9ct yellow gold long teardrop shaped pendant on gold chain N249 - Red onyx diamond shaped pendant in sterling silver frame N248 - Green onyx diamond shaped pendant in sterling silver frame N241 - Large round clear quartz stone pendant set in 9ct yellow gold w/9ct yellow gold chain N242 - White cameo detail necklace on white coral tiered  bead N244 - Multi strand clear crystal beads with silver and 9ct yellow gold capped clasp N245 - Multi strand pearl necklace w/ claw set smoky quartz side detail N246 - Petrol blue silk cord with tiered baroque blue pearl drops N247 - Multi strand black spinel necklace with trapezoid onyx side detail set with tsavourites N182 - Blue tourmaline long oval cabochon pendant in sterling silver frame N218 - Sterling Silver Triangle Asymmetric Pendant w Black Diamonds x4 0.01ct on Ox.Silver chain N220 - Sterling Silver Chunky Triangular Arrow Pendants, one set w Black Diamonds x10 N1063 - Strand Turquoise beaded necklace w solid oval turquoise stone sterling silver clasp N215 - Sterling Silver Rectangular Asymmetric Pendant w Black Diamond Rounds x12 0.01ct N217 - Sterling Silver Triangle pendant w Green Tourmaline Baguette N280 - Shield rutilated quartz pendant on multi link chain N289 - Ametrine 9ct YG double chain w/ triangle detailing N279 - Renaissance spliced smokey quartz pendant w/ amethyst bail detail N309 - Smokey quartz faceted pendant with a Stg silver leaf N276 - Renaissance spliced amethyst drop w/ amethyst detail N302 - Amethyst rutilated quartz drop w/ a oxidized studded cap N275 - Renaissance spliced green rutilated quartz drop w/ peridot detail on green silk N318 - Rutilated quartz on a Stg silver and gold link necklace N269 - Checkerboard smokey quartz oval pendant w pearl studded bail on a titanium cord N286 - Aquamarine decorative patterned frame pendant on silver triple strand chain N288 - Chrysophrase pear shaped silver pendant w silver silhouette detail N282 - Arrowhead citrine stone white gold pendant w/ yellow diamond detail N345 - 'Chevron' stg silver w red onyx pendant N361 - Onyx spear head s/s pendant N362 - Oval turquoise stg silver pendant w leaf detail

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