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‘Tinkers Tale’ by Filigree

The new range for this season, released Autumn 2013, by Vanessa Stowers and manufactured on site at our Montreal Street workshop is 'The Tinkers Tale.

This range was inspired by the clean and strong lines reminiscent of the art deco period of the 1930's and 40's and also the more extravagant, flamboyant flavours that were in fashion.

Materials such as Smokey Quartz, Pearl and Pink Rose Quartz create the softer notes of this range while bold coloured materials such as Lapis Lazuli, Red Agate, Black Onyx and Tsavourite highlight the deco tone of the range. To view the pieces for yourself please click on the image below..

'I personally love the art deco style and anything vintage, so this collection was an absolute joy to put together! Putting a modern spin on the designs was the challenge but I think I have achieved this by letting the gorgeous stones dominate and just emphasising style with small details.'

Vanessa x

Click here for the Filigree Tinkers Tale' Look book

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Filigree Carnival

‘Carnival’ by Filigree

This seasons new range is ‘Carnival’ by Filigree featuring unusual, bold and beautiful pieces designed by Vanessa Stowers and manufactured on site at our Montreal Street workshop.

The range features bold colours using semi-precious and precious materials such as lapis lazuli, turquoise and lemon citrine. Vanessa has also made use of some unique materials to create a point of difference with this range including teardrop shaped fossilised dinosaur bones!

With inspiration being drawn from carnival and circus imagery circa 1920 this is a must see range with a piece that is sure to appeal to you.

Large globes of highly polished stones are fashioned into simple pendants and drops reminiscent of old fashion hot air balloons. Whimsical forms such a penny farthings and umbrellas create unique pieces to admire.

‘Carnival’ by Filigree is available in store now. Click on the Carnival image to view the 2012 Filigree Carnival Lookbook.

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