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Past Collection Archive

An archive of select past Collections over our 15 years in business. This archive is created to inspire your Bespoke designs, please visit our Store and Current Collection for designer jewellery that is currently available for purchase online.

This collection uses a mixture of metals, textured finishes and oxidisation to create a dramatic contrast between form and hand-selected precious and semi-precious gemstones crafted by mother nature. The colour palette is predominantly bold, with primary colours using ancestral stones such as jest, fossils, lapis, malachite and onyx. Be bold, show your true colours and define your style in Origin.


Shard’s fragmented structures highlight the natural inclusions within and without them, all juxtaposed with simple details that honour the intention of the collection. These are gemstones at their most basic level reimagined into beautifully refractive personal adornment, as nature intended for you, by Filigree.


Firenze, the birthplace of the Renaissance, romantic, enchanting and culturally immersive. A palette of soft fresco colours and architectural details reflected in tiers of stones crowned with hand carved cameos.

Full Baroque Pearls are a gentle nod to an extravagant era combined with bejeweled crosses and gold stone set flourishes. Firenze, a touch of luxury for everyday life.


The Medici collection was inspired by the 15th century Florentine family ‘Medici’. In an age of enlightenment, trade and exploration, the Medici family were inspired patrons of the arts who reveled in adornment. In part, this was a way to display their wealth and power but more importantly

it was to recognize and celebrate objects of undeniable beauty. The result of this collection is remarkable jewellery of which every aspect has been considered and finished to the highest degree. Exquisite materials and execution for the love of beauty and design.


Honey Bee Pendant, Bramblerose stud earrings, Vine Flower Pearl Necklace and more available online in NZ or from Filigree’s Christchurch City store. Meander through a moonlit forest and discover life

hidden in the tangled undergrowth, silver Fallingleaves, gilded Bramberries & Hazel the woodland rabbit.

Lumiere Noire

Designer atmospheric jewellery, star studded earrings, black onyx necklaces, bright horizon stone set rings, and more available online in NZ or from Filigree’s Christchurch City store.


Light shafts pierce the hazy skyline, early dawn glimmers in blush, champagne & rose golds. Dusk turns to midnight with layered horizons in hues of grey’s & blues, contrasting atmospheres, light & dark, soft & strong.


Inspired by the lords and ladies of old, high court and towering majestic medieval castles. Explore this exquisite collection filled with elegant Rutile Quartz, Amethyst and rich colours embracing a tapestry of history. .

With modern combinations of Oxidised Silver and Golds in forms reminiscent of the finest crown jewels.

It’s your kingdom, begin your Reign


The extreme limit of settled land beyond which lies wilderness, a land of cowboys and Indians. Inspired by the stylistic geometric forms and patterns of Native American Indian culture this collection is bold and contrasting.

Onyx in primary colours of green, blue and red are paired with accents of polished silver, shaped in arrowheads and chevrons.
Soft metal fringes contrast with chunky Turquoise necklets and wide stone cuffs. Modern adornment reflecting a warrior spirit.


Medals of Honour, portable artistic objects, embellishments denoting valor, integrity and chivalry. A badge of distinction and a celebration of spirit. Stars, stripes, crosses ad coins are stylistic forms used to reflect the spirit of this collection,

indicative of heroic prizes and fortitude. Bejeweled crosses hark back to a move age old era, imbuing a sense of status or dignitary. Strong symbols recognizable throughout all cultures.


Soft light filtering through open wooden lattice ,throwing multi layered shadows on the walls. A myriad of stylistic geometric patterns repeating and morphing ,creating form within forms.Reflected in a reduced palette of materials,

polished silver with pierced design,accents of terracotta carnelian and cobalt Lapis Lazuli. Simple in form ,complex in pattern…