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We do both Natural diamonds and Lab grown diamonds

Whilst we work predominantly with natural diamonds and would always suggest if your budget allows that we look at an ethically sourced natural diamond first, Lab grown diamonds are a great cost-effective option to upsize to a larger stone, or have something made that you maybe wouldn’t normally splash out on.

The lab diamonds Filigree works with are certified and graded in the same way a natural diamond is and they are structurally identical to natural diamonds. The key difference is that natural diamonds are rare and finite – whereas lab grown diamonds are infinite.

Advancement in technology is now simulating what takes place in nature over billions of years, within months. However, if you are looking for a beautiful, affordable piece of jewellery without concern for the long-term investment they offer a great alternative to a natural diamond.

Take a look at our jewellery online or come instore and we can discuss how to make your diamond dreams come true.

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