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Decorative Beryl Cushion Ring

3.87ct green beryl cushion solitaire with brilliant diamonds in the shoulder settings and blue diamond set chenier details to the undersetting, all in 18ct white gold.


Our rings stand out from the crowd with their unsurpassed style and individual design features. Whether it be a classic or contemporary design, engagement or occasion, every ring is made with an eye for detail. We have a wide array of precious gems available in assorted cuts and colours from the Brilliant, Princess and Emerald cut, to more modern like a Carre, Asscher, Radiant, Kite or Trapezoid. Filigree can cater for a wide range of styles and needs whilst maintaining stone quality and ring workmanship. All the rings featured on our website are just a starting point, you may find the perfect ring, or you can use these for inspiration, and we can create something unique just for you.