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Iseeu Necklace 9ct Gold & Diamond

$1,050.00 NZD

TALN013, 9ct Gold & Diamond Necklace

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Talisman 2023, a deeply personal new collection by Filigree for you. This new collection is symbolic of times past, mementos for the future that are personal and intimately created for you to build on, share and nurture the soul. Each symbolic memento is a journey of self discovery, a compilation of the wearers energy and style, they will document your journey and create a new modern heirloom for you to treasure for now and the future. Discover, create and share your new Talisman collection vision.

Eye of Horus: in ancient Egypt, symbol representing protection, health, and restoration.

Hands: have represented a symbol of strength, loyalty and fidelity since Ancient Roman times. In the Georgian and Victorian eras, they were added to jewellery pieces to convey these messages. Often hands represent friendship in Victorian jewellery