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Soffitto Fresco Cameo Earrings

$7,245.00 NZD

Vintage Milk Cameos set in 9ct Yellow Gold and Natural Yellow Diamonds, with removeable Moonstone, Sapphire and Aquamarine briolette’s.

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The Medici collection was inspired by the 15th century Florentine family ‘Medici’. In an age of enlightenment, trade and exploration, the Medici family were inspired patrons of the arts who reveled in adornment. In part, this was a way to display their wealth and power but more importantly it was to recognize and celebrate objects of undeniable beauty.

The doctrine of beauty and appreciation for craftsmanship was the major influence for Vanessa to design a collection of jewels that was not dictated by trends or current fashion.
Instead her focus was to design pieces that would transcend the ordinary, to eschew the mass-produced market and have the individual mark of each craftsperson intertwined.
The result is remarkable jewellery of which every aspect has been considered and finished to the highest degree. Exquisite materials and execution for the love of beauty and design.